Online Store is currently OPEN! Please see COVID Related Info for more information.

COVID Related Info

The store is currently open.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience.  I am reopening the store again; but seeing how I am still in my healthcare roles, there can always be a chance that I will suddenly close shop again.  I am sorry about this and the inconvenience of it all.

With that said, I will be taking some added precautions when I ship my products.  Beforehand, I will definitely be washing my hands and sanitizing the workspace, I will also be masked up.  Before I place your products into their envelopes, I will be cleaning it with a sanitizer wipe.  I will also be trying to group shipping’s together; I apologize if this adds a day or two to your shipment.

Again, thanks to those who have supported me over the years and over these past few months.  You all are the best!

Stay safe and healthy.




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Hey Everyone,

As you may know, COVID-19 is currently spreading throughout the USA.  It is also showing up within my community of Grand Junction, CO.

I am currently in nursing school, I work in other roles within the healthcare system and my significant other is a healthcare worker.  Due to the higher likelihood of my exposure to COVID-19, I will be temporarily closing my store.  I cannot chance the possibility of spreading this virus, especially not for grooming products.

If you are interested in obtaining my products, please let me know (  I will create a list and let you know when it is safe for me to start shipping again.

Thank you for the support.  Stay safe and healthy.